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Room Rentals Terms and Conditions

The following policies are set forth for rental of meeting space at Centriq Group, LLC dba Centriq Training ("Company") to the customer ("Customer") agrees to abide by these policies.


Rental Procedure

All room rental fees must be paid to reserve rental event date.  Customer shall not enter, occupy or use the Facility except for the time(s) and date(s) specified.  Customer shall vacate the Facility at the time(s) and date(s) indicated.   Failure to timely vacate the Facility will result in Customer incurring a $200 per hour penalty fee in addition to responsibility for any damages to Centriq such failure to vacate may cause.


In the event the nature of Customer’s meeting/function requires Customer to obtain a permit or license from any governing body, local, state or federal, Customer is solely responsible for applying for and obtaining such permit or license at its own expense prior to the Date(s) of Function.  Customer shall be solely responsible for the check-in and registration of all attendees at its meeting/function, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


Centriq reserves the right to assign another substantially comparable meeting/function room for Customer’s meeting/function in the event the originally designated room shall be unavailable or inappropriate, in Centriq’s sole opinion.



Either party hereto may cancel this Room Rental Agreement by delivery of written notice to the other party at least five (5) business days prior to the Date(s) of Function. The Room Rental Fee is nonrefundable in all other circumstances whether or not Customer uses the Facility.  Centriq shall not be liable for room unavailability due to events beyond its control.


Room Setup

Please notify of any hardware glitches or issues.  Please notify Front Desk Staff if classroom supplies are of need (includes tissues, hand sanitizer, markers, whiteboard cleaner etc.).  Customer will be responsible for and will pay for any damage to the Facility and/or to Centriq property arising out of the use of the Facility pursuant to this Room Rental Agreement.


Centriq shall not assume any liability for property lost or stolen from or at the Facility, or for personal injuries sustained at the Facility during Customer’s use of the Facility and Customer hereby agrees to hold Centriq harmless from all claims, suits or judgments or damages arising out of any such property loss or personal injury.


No Centriq property or equipment shall be removed from the Facility without the prior written permission of Centriq. 


Smoking is prohibited inside the Facility. No beer, liquor or any alcoholic beverages shall be brought or consumed upon the premises of the Facility, including the parking areas, or be in the possession of any party related to or attending the meeting/function of Customer contemplated hereunder. Customer agrees that violation of this provision shall result in automatic revocation of all of Customer’s rights and the retention by Centriq of all amounts paid by Customer hereunder. The foregoing shall not be interpreted as limiting or revoking any rights of Centriq under this contract. Customer(s) shall follow all laws of the State of Missouri and the City of Kansas City, Missouri.  Food and/or beverages are not permitted in the Class/Training Rooms without the prior consent of Centriq.


Any room modifications required by Customer must be agreed to in writing by Centriq at least seven (7) days before the Date of Function.


Fees include standard setup per room:

  • Room 204:

    • Includes a trainer PC Station with dual monitors and speakers connected to a 75” TV/Projection Device

    • Seats up to 11 students/attendees classroom style with each student accessing a dual monitor PC station.

  • Room 205:

    • Includes a trainer PC Station with dual monitors and speakers connected to a 75” TV/Projection Device.

    • Seats up to 16 students/attendees classroom style with desks cabled for internet and dual monitors if needed.

  • Seminar Room:

    • Spacious room approximately 1530 sq. ft.

    • Includes a trainer PC Station with dual monitors and speakers connected to two 75” TV/Projection Device.

    • Seats up to 50 students/attendees classroom style (with tables) and up to 75 students/attendees theater style.

    • Seating customizable to also enable pod seating, conference table or U- shaped arrangement.


Purchaser may bring in own A/V equipment from an outside vendor.  Company offers no guarantee on compatibility of outside equipment.  If additional equipment is required, Customer is responsible for arranging rental of equipment, set-up and dismantling.  Customer must provide name of company that will be delivering additional A/V equipment.


Post-Rental Procedure

  • Erase the white boards.

  • Reset and organize the classroom.

  • Leave any microphones, speakers, or webcams on the instructor station.

  • Remove your personal items from the classroom.

  • If any materials are used during class such as sticky notes, wall sized post-its, tape, etc., please condense into a pile in or near the trash.

  • Clean up any remaining litter such as lunch supplies, napkins, name tents, scratch paper, etc., and place in trash.



Customer further agrees to the following terms and conditions as a part of the consideration for the Room Rental from Centriq at the Facility:

  1. Customer shall keep in force, to the satisfaction of Centriq, at all times relevant hereto, general liability and bodily injury insurance in amounts of $1,000,000 for each person and each occurrence, and property damage insurance in amounts of $1,000,000 for each occurrence and aggregate total. Customer agrees that prior to Date of Function, Customer shall, upon request, furnish Certificates of Insurance for the insurance coverage required herein naming Centriq as an additional insured.

  2. Centriq reserves the right to prohibit activities/functions that in its sole discretion are deemed inappropriate to the general public or in the best interests of the Centriq.

  3. It is fully understood and agreed by the parties that Customer guarantees to indemnify and hold harmless Centriq  and their respective officers, directors, principals, members, employees, volunteers and agents against any and all claims, damages, losses and suits of any manner which might arise as a result of the meeting/function contemplated hereby and that Customer agrees to defend Centriq and their respective officers, directors, principals, members, employees, volunteers and agents and indemnify same against any and all expenses incurred in the defense of any suit of any type arising out of the meeting/function contemplated hereby or any damages, judgments or decrees which might be awarded against the same in the event that suit should be brought as the result of the meeting/function contemplated hereby as identified.


By purchasing the Service, Customer agrees to the above Terms and Conditions.

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